How to really know if it’s free bingo or not

%d0%ba%d0%b5229Whether we avoid it or not, there are numerous bogus bingo sites in the internet. The unfortunate thing is that such bogus sites tarnish the legitimate ones. The purpose of this site is to help you avoid such scam sites and stick with safe and reputable sites so that you can enjoy your favourite game. Here is how you can uncover a scam bingo site.

  • A reputable bingo site will offer you concise, fair, and clear terms of payment as well as conditions that are reasonable. Such a site knows that if it cheats its customers it only cheats itself. Thus, its rules and terms of use are just, clear, fair and open without hiding issues that may cheat or irritate their customers. If there is an issue which the customer ought to know, it is stated in the terms of playing.

The bingo site should not charge you for cashing out your winnings. A scam site will make it so difficult for you to cash out, if not out rightly impossible if you do not make a substantial payment for your winnings. In addition, on the site it should not be difficult to locate the payment and deposit options, the cash-out times, and cash-out terms. Here is an example of cash-out terms that are unfavourable:

  • Check – we charge $20 for cash processing and this amount should be available in your account. For example, if your winnings are $400, you need to have $420 for the payment to be processed. Minimum amount to withdraw excluding fees is $100.
  • %d0%ba%d0%b5230Neteller (unavailable for North America). Minimum cash out is $100 and also the processing fee of $20.
  • Equinox – available to Equinox customers only with no processing fee. Efficient and fast payment. Any additional owed funds will be cashed out via Neteller or Check. This option is only available to Equinox Customers. This allows players with a current equinox balance to pay off the funds owed fast and efficiently with no processing fee. Any remaining funds owed on the original player cash out would be processed using Check or Neteller.

In other words, the scam site has few cash-out options which they charge exorbitantly with their set processing fees. You will need to avoid such sites to keep safe.

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