Play free bingo and keep what you win

Socialize and Learn How to Play Free Bingo to Win Free Bingo Bonuses and Jackpots

Bingo is no longer just a social game that can be played in many community halls and gatherings. Thanks to the growing popularity of online casino games, smart phone use and the need for flexibility in online entertainment, the game of bingo has managed to improve and respond to the call of the times. Today, you can now play bingo online, in online casino portals, and there are websites out there that allow players and casino enthusiasts to play bingo using their smart phones! The only challenge for players right now is choosing the specific type of bingo game to play, and choosing where they will play the game to win massive prizes!


What to expect from the online bingo gameplay?

If you have played the traditional bingo games in bingo halls and fund-raising activities, you will notice that the gameplay and rules are similar, and the only change can be found in the playing environment. Instead of handling physical cards, online bingo gives you the opportunity to play the game using virtual cards. When you play the game online, it is the online bingo site (or the casino’s system) that will pick the card for you. Now, you will also encounter some gaming portals and bingo websites that will allow you to replace the bingo cards in case you do not like the numbers shown on the cards.

Common features of online bingo

When you play a free online bingo game, you will also notice a caller and a board where the called or winning numbers are displayed. The accepted winning patterns are also on display, informing you about the potential result, while the game is in play. You are given the chance to mark the called numbers, or you can count on a system online called ‘auto daub’ feature that will instantly mark the called numbers.

Bingo patterns to watch out for

To win in the free bingo game, you need to match the winning pattern that is identified ahead of time. Now, there are at least three popular patterns that you need to be aware of when you play free bingo or bingo for real money. Here are the popular patterns that most bingo portals follow:

  • Four corners. This pattern requires you to mark all the four numbers on the card.
  • Full House. This pattern means that you need to mark all the numbers shown in your virtual card.
  • One Line. This pattern requires you to mark a single horizontal line.
  • Two Lines. This pattern requires you to complete two horizontal lines on the virtual card.

Online bingo variant-90-ball online bingo

%d0%ba%d0%b5245There are at least three variants of online bingo, and it’s recommended that casual and frequent bingo players should be aware of the differences. One popular variant is the 90-ball bingo which uses virtual cards that measure 9 by 3. there are 3 prizes that can be won in this game, including a full house, a single line or two lines. In case more than two players win the game, then these winning players will share the bingo prize or bingo bonus.

Online bingo variants- 75-ball and 75-ball variant bingo games

You can also count on the 75-ball bingo and the 75-ball variant bingo game. In the 75-ball version, you will play a virtual card that features a 5 by 5 grid, and boasts 5 potential prizes. And in the 75-ball variant of the game, you will play the pattern bingo, considered the most common among the three bingo options.

Free bingo game and bonuses and prizes that can be won

In free bingo game, you are allowed to play the game without having to pay for the virtual cards in every game. Now, under this arrangement, you can also win free bingo prizes. This is actually the promotion that is adopted by many leading online casinos and bingo portals. To promote the casino and bingo games, many gaming portals offer free bingo games to new players for the first few days of access. And while playing different variants of bingo games for free, players are also given the chance to win bingo bonuses, Loyalty Points, other bingo bonuses like free plays, and even a chance to win real cash!

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