Is online bingo fixed or not?

%d0%ba%d0%b5237Gambling is a risk and many people are aware of this until they lose. While it may appear that some players in a game of bingo are always winning while others just seem to be wasting their money, the reality is that bingo, like many other slots game, is a game of chance. Have you ever noticed that the higher your stake is, the more you win and vice versa? While the system does not mark the high stakes as the outright wins, it is obvious that people who have multiple entries have increased chances for winning.

If you are playing bingo on a UK gambling site, you are in safe hands because of the strict regulations that govern the industry. When compared to other sites in the world, there is no doubt that UK authorities are out to safeguard the interests of the players and how better than to monitor operations of the gaming sites closely. There are cases of players beating the system at some point or other but that is treated as a criminal offence to be investigated and prosecuted. Here are some of the reasons why playing in the UK or Maltese site guarantees you safe play:

Fair gaming

All online bingo sites in the UK are regulated so that all players have an equal chance of landing a win. A random number generator is used to pick numbers eliminating the possibility of human influence in the choice of numbers. Specialist companies are mandated in monitoring the use of the RNG equipment to ensure good working order.

Age limitation

Only mature and capable individuals are allowed to participate in the online bingo games because it is believed that players below the age of 18 are vulnerable. There are various instances in which a player is required to declare their age so that the gaming site is certain that all winnings are reaching players above the legal gambling age.

Agency licensing

Before a site can start operations as a gaming platform, they must be certified and issued a license. Lack of proper vetting of sites is the leading cause of the emergence of industry players who have no regard for the law. All gaming sites in the UK are licensed meaning that the government has established that the sites will be using proper systems to pick out and award winners.

Financial Security

%d0%ba%d0%b5238Any organization that deals with money has a higher chance of experiencing financial fraud than others. It is not uncommon for staff members working in online gaming sites to collude so that one of them gets earnings which they then divide among themselves. When this happens, other players become discouraged and will normally stop playing altogether.

Regulatory bodies in the UK license top personnel of sites in addition to the site itself. This enhances the commitment of site owners to fight and prevent rigging at any level because they will be held personally accountable.

Law of increased probability

While it may appear that some games are rigged more than others, the reality of how it happens does not seem to add up. Why would a site risk its credibility by allowing the same players to win unfairly? By closely observing the players that get to win almost all the time, it is evident that they are among those who spend most of their time and probably their income on the site. It is a simple law of probability; the more you give, the more you are likely to get.

Every explanation as to why the same people win in online bingo does not seem to have concrete backing unless of course there is inside help. Unfortunately, this too does not make sense. Why would a software developer who earns a fortune collude to defraud their employer for temporary gain that may end up costing their job? In no way can online bingo be rigged!

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